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Klimt’s iconic masterpiece “The Tree of Life” brought to life with A.R.

Using augmented reality, Klimt’s iconic masterpiece “The Tree of Life” will be brought to life for the enjoyment of Pioneers attendees in celebration of Viennese modernism and on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of death of Gustav Klimt.

Realised by Klimt in 1910-11, “The Tree of Life” is now one the highlights of Vienna’s Museum of Applied Arts where it can be viewed by visitors in its original form.

Cuseum, a Boston-based technology company that focuses on digital engagement for museums, created this unique work inspired by their love for Vienna, Art Nouveau, and the desire to offer a memorable, interactive project specifically for this festival. Leveraging augmented reality and Apple’s ARKit, Gustav Klimt’s “The Tree of Life” can be experienced in an entirely new dimension exclusively at Pioneers Festival in Vienna.

Visitors can view and experience this immersive, larger-than-life artwork on one of the multiple iPads provided by Pioneer staff.

“Like hardly any other institution the MAK encourages cutting-edge ways of engaging with artistic positions through technology. The MAK does not only want to reflect the process of innovation, but also to actively shape it. For a museum, it is a unique opportunity to bring different levels of experience closer to a multilayered audience, to stimulate curiosity about new technologies and to promote an interactive discussion,”

said Christoph Thun-Hohenstein, Director at MAK.

Cuseum and Pioneers in partnership with MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, hope this collaboration creates a dialogue about the intersection of art and technology, and also celebrates the zeitgeist of Vienna as a long-standing center for art, culture, and innovation.




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