The Greatest Luxury – #FILM

Hot Air, Selfridges’ own broadcasting platform, has commissioned a short film which explores the
concept of luxury from the singular point of view of contributors from diverse creative universes.
The film focuses on four established talents, chosen for their radical approach to their life and art.
The result is a visual hybrid documentary short film, consisting of in depth interviews, poetry, and
beautifully designed visual metaphors for each of the main pillars. The contributors are: fashion
designer Gareth Pugh; American performing artist, rapper and activist Mykki Blanco;
choreographer, director and artist Holly Blakey; poet and performer Lilly Ashley and dancer Sophie

“I’m a Taurus so I truly love luxury, I appreciate beautiful packaging and the theatre of opening something brand new. I love the idea that luxury can reimagine how you feel and toy with a
different side of who you are… I don’t take it for granted, it isn’t always readily available to me, so
shooting this film was an indulgent playful time where I felt free to explore all of these joys… and
alongside Lily, Mykki, Sophie and Gareth, well that was my pleasure for sure.”

Holly Blakey

In an era of high-speed living, digital overload and people feeling stretched across various aspects
of their lives, The Greatest Luxury looks at the importance of doing small things that make you
feel good – those everyday luxuries that are more about self-worth than (as we often worry) being
selfish. All three of the cast have created exceptional work, stayed true to their vision and how
they live their lives. For that reason, director Kathryn Ferguson wanted to go back to basics and
find out how they felt about the word on a personal and emotional level.
Celebrating the concept of luxury as something that’s as individual as ourselves, The Greatest
Luxury reclaims luxury as something personal, emotional and liberating.

About Mark Westall

Mark Westall is the Founder and Editor of FAD magazine Founder and co-publisher Art of Conversation and founder of the platform @worldoffad