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Top 5 The Other Art Fair 16th Edition

Lee Sharrock’s Top 5 picks from the art fair founded by Ryan Stanier to put artists in control of their destiny, and allow audiences to discover bright new talents before galleries do. Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator and Director of Saatchi Art, is this year’s guest curator, and the 2017 committee includes fashion designer Lulu Guiness and Arts Broadcaster Kate Bryan.

O = Other: Archie Proudfoot makes sign writing into an art form with his handcrafted wall pieces fusing fashion, typography and pop art. He fuses the lexicon of tradition signage with reverse-glass gilding.

T = Test you are human: David Aston’s diverse practice revisits the original colour print pinhole technique with a series of pre-Raphaelite nudes, and questions the future of humanity in a data-driven world with his “Jus Soli, Jus Sanguina, Jus Data” tombstone, which questions notions of birthright citizenship (Jus soli), blood right (Jus sanguina), and our virtual footprint (Jus data).

H = Hyland: Cinematic photography by Gillian Hyland peers into other worlds by creating staged mis-en-scenes reminiscent of Gregory Crewdson. Her photographs feature Tarantino-esque gangsters, Hitchcock-ian heroines, and dramatic lighting designed to evoke psychological intensity.

E = Editions: the colourful collaged artworks of Kristjana S Williams have been applied to interiors, wallpaper and furniture. The Icelandic artist references fauna, flora and the folklore of her adoptive city of London, in her exquisite Limited edition prints and collages.

R = Reflection: Witty mirror installation by Graeme Messer commenting on the contemporary obsession with the selfie. Visitors are invited to snap their own selfie or #MesserSelfie and ask themselves questions such as “Perhaps this is what success looks like?”

The Other Art Fair is at Victoria House, Bloomsbury until 1 April:



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