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Andy Warhol artwork discovered in £150 Craigslist purchase

A woman recently discovered an Andy Warhol painting in a £150 Craigslist purchase of a couch and a box of random things. The artwork was signed on the back and numbered by the Warhol Foundation. That’s important because of all the recent controversy over the authentication of Warhol’s work in the last decade. Update: She managed to sell the painting this month and it achieved a bid 0f nearly £50,000.

Andy Warhol Torso

In 1977 Andy Warhol conceived of the “Torsos” series, a group of works inspired by both the high art tradition of the classical nude and the ancient history of erotic art. This original silkscreen on canvas reveals the sensual forms of the male pelvis and hips in washes of pink, green, and aqua blue. Marrying a critical interest in sexuality, identity, and the human body with Warhol’s trademark silkscreening technique, “Torso” is a unique emblem from the Pop master’s oeuvre.



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