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INTERVIEW: Artist Dominic Beattie

FAD caught up with artist Dominic Beattie just after he had a solo show at FOLD gallery and won the UK/Raine prize for painting we managed to ask him abut his work and his plans for the future.

Interview Artist Dominic Beattie
UNTITLED 2015 Paper, acrylic and varnish on wood 204 x 278 cm

1. Can you tell us about your work and what are the main ideas you try and express?

I tend to make things that approximate the modernist aesthetic in some way.I deliberately avoid trying to express any concepts, I work in a visual realm and I prefer the viewer to decide what they are looking at.

2. How do you decide what your next artwork/ project will be and how do you know when it is finished?

I usually work on lots of things at once, they can be very varied in material or look. Deciding which strand to concentrate on can depend on what type of show the piece is for, or what interests me most at the time. If I plan a work, I have an end point in mind, if the piece is more experimental then it just finishes when it reaches a level of quality that I’m happy with.

Interview Artist Dominic Beattie

UNTITLED 2015 Paper, acrylic and varnish on wood 204 x 278 cm

3. How has it been working with FOLD gallery?

It’s been really good, FOLD are very supportive and they encourage experimentation. Although it’s a commercial gallery they want ambitious shows. I really enjoyed showing in the new space, it’s quite an intense environment and feels far removed from outside distraction.

4. You recently won the UK/Raine prize for painting , was this for a specific painting?

I applied with four previously shown works but exhibited two newer paintings, so I think it was judged on recent output rather than a specific work.

5. How does winning awards help your practice?

It’s the first prize I’ve won, after entering many competitions.

It gives you confidence and people take more notice of your work because in a sense it’s been approved.

6. Do you use other media as well as paint?

I use all types of materials in my work but I’ve always avoided traditional media like oils. My paintings are generally made from marker inks, tape, household paint, spray paint, stickers, collaged paper. Initially I used these materials because they were easily available and economical, I still use them because I enjoy their immediacy.

7. You don’t tend to give your art titles is there a reason for this?

I feel that the visual experience I’m creating could be diluted by titling the works. I don’t really think that abstract work requires any sort of descriptive or lyrical pretext.

8.What plans do you have for 2016?

I’m developing a range of modular furniture with the architect Lucia B Santos, the projects genesis was the Studio Chair I exhibited at FOLD gallery in September. We’ve designed six new pieces and I’m really excited with how they look and how they are inspiring my other work.

Interview Artist Dominic Beattie
STUDIO CHAIR 2015 MDF, ink and varnish Hand dyed and individually unique Available in yellow, red, and blue
85.5 x 56 x 65 cm

Dominic Beattie is represented by FOLD gallery



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