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ART OPENING : Star Wars The Artist Awakens

The Underdog Gallery and Incandescent Artists are joining forces to put a bit of fun back into the art world in the lead up to Christmas and the UK release of STAR WARS “The Force Awakens”.

Launch night for the art exhibition is this Thursday 17th December 2015 at Underdog Gallery in London Bridge, just a short 5 minute walk from The Shard. If you’re a fan of Star Wars you’re going to love this show, over 70 artists showcasing some incredible talent, original artwork, screen prints, giclee prints, limited editions and sculptural pieces all at affordable prices for the run up to Christmas.

Opening Night Is guest list only but you can be added to the list by heading to the Facebook Event Page.

ARTIST Awakens
Trafford Parsons – PALI – Gnasher – Jim Vision – Mr.Feeney – DEEDS – Gary Alford – FAKE – Bustart – JXC – Jason Pengelly – PixelsPencil – Sally Kendall – SNUB23 – TACOT – Nick Dillon – Victoria Curtin Rivera – DS – Carlos M Burgos – Georgie – HmmmBates – Mette Rishoj – Not Now Nancy – Drunk Wolf – Marc Craig – wildandpeaceful – Annatomix – 100TAUR – Bern Campbell – John Bulley – Blair Zaye – Fauntleroy Snooty – Curtis Hylton – SAV45 – CUTE – Angus – Quiet British Accent – Ben Oakley – Nine-O – Seany B – Stephen Quick – SR47 – Nicola Fleming – Aled Prosser – Ben Askem – Adam Green – The Stencil Shed – David Stevenson – Nonsinthetik – Chaingun – Sam Mayle – Pritt Kalsi – Phil Potter – Fernando Abrantes – Finn Stone – Matthew Skilton – Oli John – Hazel McLean – Gert Jan Vlaming – Giusi Tomasello – Harpo – Strange Case – Keith Williams – Matt Soffe – Martin Birch – Steve Foster – CIZE ONE – Tina Ngondo – Uncle Absinthe Lee Sharrock – Jamie Lawrence – Russell Scott Skinner – Skatin Chinchilla.

CosPlay competition on the opening night, the best dressed win prizes!!!!!
Drinks reception from 6pm on Opening Night Band and DJ on Opening Night 6pm-11pm – Licensed bar. Open to the public 18th Dec – 10th Jan Contact the gallery for opening times



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