Weird name and very hard to buy the Arvak Bicycle.

Named after the horse pulling the sun on its way across the sky in Norse mythology


The ‘Arvak’ by Keim is “A quest to construct a responsive cycle that echoes the themes of nature”.
To achieve a stiff and lightweight monocoque frame, the French company vacuum laminated up to 50 layers of white ash with a high modulus resin between each. To ‘optimize the orientation of each layer to maximize strength’, the team had to develop their own method from scratch. Three coats of marine grade finish protect the wood layers from weather and dirt.


Each frame is hand built to exact customer specifications and benefits from high quality components and weighs about 7.5 kilograms. The Keim ‘Arvak’ is in limited production, head over to their website and see if you can get them to build you one.


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