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Tabish’s Top 8 Art Exhibitions to see in London this week

Tabish Khan brings you eight art exhibitions in London that you should visit during the week. Each one comes with a concise review to help you decide whether it’s for you. The usual top 5 has been expanded as there are a lot of exhibitions closing this week.

Photo Tabish Khan
Photo Tabish Khan

1. Tadashi Kawamata: Stairs @ Annely Juda Fine Art
These stairs that pierce through the gallery’s three floors completely change the normally sterile gallery space into something to be explored and experienced.

Copyright Antony Micallef
Copyright Antony Micallef

2. Antony Micallef: Self @ Lazarides
Fantastic impasto portraiture filled with energy, shades of greats such as Bacon and Auerbach are visible in his work.

Copyright Hugo Wilson
Copyright Hugo Wilson

3. Hugo Wilson @ Parafin
These animal hunting scenes are missing human involvement and become all the more savage for it. Also don’t miss the contorted sculptures downstairs.

jon baker
Copyright Jon Baker


4. Jon Baker @ Photofusion
These alien looking organic forms tower over the viewer, somehow both fascinating and repellant.

Copyright Ali Banisadr
Copyright Ali Banisadr

5. Ali Banisadr: At Once @ Blain|Southern
Vivid large scale abstract paintings heave with ambiguity as they are populated with surreal creatures who never quite coalesce into recognisable forms.

Copyright Jamie Coreth
Copyright Jamie Coreth

6. Contemporary Masters @ Fine Art Commissions
Fans of the Sargent exhibition should get down to see this show of contemporary artists tackling a classical style of portraiture.

Copyright Shan Hur
Copyright Shan Hur

7. Shan Hur: The Door in the Wall @ Gazelli Art House
The Korean artist is back with faux archaeological finds emerging from behind walls and graphite etchings of the Ground Zero site and the ship they found there. It’s a more experimental show than his last at the gallery – still impressive, though not as strong as his first outing.

Installation view
Installation view

8. Meekyoung Shin: Painting Series @ Hada contemporary
The soap wielding artist is back with colourful framed paintings made from soap, though these works are not astounding like her vases.



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