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Where to go for original Gifs #WTFisDigitalArt

The Gif was born in 1987, however it was only recently that it became popular. Some argue that Gif was made popular by websites such as Tumblr, 4Chan, 9gag, and even Buzzfeed. Others point out the progress of technology: now most websites, and internet browsers support gifs, also Google added them to its image search. Furthermore, now its easy to make one, you can do it in seconds at Make a Gif, where as before it was a long and and techy process. Personally I think that it was a combination of all this, but more importantly Gifs are appealing. They are short instant loops, they move – so our short attention span actually stays engaged for 2 seconds.

The downside of ‘anyone can make a gif’ is that everyone does and now its becoming increasingly hard to find original work. This is my list of my favourite websites for original gifs.

#1 Dump.fm Hall of Fame

Hands down this is the place where you will find some of the best gifs ever. The quality and ingenuity that all of them posses is inspiring.

Meat Heart, by TIMB

 #2 Zbags

All of these are original gifs created by the artist Zbargs. Often creepy and grotesque they are impossible to look away from.

Zbags Daily Dot Valentine #2, jumbo size

#3 Ozneo

Pretty, quirky, a tad psychedelic, and all very original.

http-::ozneo.tumblr.com: 3

 #4 Anne Horel

The magical place where art history meets emojis.

www.annehorel.com picasso

#5 Giphy

The Mecca of original gifs on the internet aka the wormhole of procrastination and clicking. I left it till the last because its very unlikely that you will emerge from this website.

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 10.59.01



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