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VIDEO: GalleryLOG + Lavar Munroe + NOMAD Gallery for VOLTA 2015

Lavar Munroe’s phantasmagorical mixed-media canvases channel the exotic ‘other’, in the U.S.-based Bahamian artist’s ongoing discourse on the 19th century ‘human zoo’ and contemporary cultural politics. Munroe’s current activities include ‘Double Play’, a dual-artist exhibition at The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas (Nassau) and solo ‘Where Heroes Lay’ at Art League of Houston (Houston TX). NOMAD Gallery (Brussels, booth A7) spotlights the up-and-comer at VOLTA NY 2015.

To know more about GalleryLOG go: HERE

To see more of Lavar Munroe’s work go: HERE

To see the full exhibition line up for VOLTA 2015 go: HERE



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