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FEATURE: 15 Things you didn’t know about Cult novel and soundtrack TRIP CITY


1. Trip City was the first piece of independent multi-media literature released in the UK – namely a book packaged with a soundtrack cassette.

2. It was written in 37 days on a Smith Corona Manual typewriter, before being copy-typed into “Pagemaker 1” software on a Macintosh IIci (well it was 1989).

3. The central character ‘Valentine’ took his name from the Eddie Murphy character in TRADING PLACES – but the author compares him more to Deckard in BLADE RUNNER.

4. The first chapter of Trip City was originally published in UNTITLED – the LCP College Magazine started by Rankin and Jefferson Hack prior to DAZED & CONFUSED.

5. A GUY CALLED GERALD read the original manuscript of Trip City before composing his 5 song soundtrack EP, packaged with the book.

6. The Trip City soundtrack was recorded in 48 hours at Moonraker Studios in Manchester by A GUY CALLED GERALD and it is rumored that Nicola Collier who sang on Voodoo Ray sings the title track of Trip City.

7. The track called FX from the Trip City E-P was re-released by CBS – but they virulently denied that it was named after the fictional Designer Drug in the book.

8. Various filmmakers have attempted failed screen adaptations of Trip City over the last 25 years – most famously Howard Kazanjian who produced RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK.

9. The 25th Anniversary re-issue of Trip City will include the original 5 A GUY CALLED GERALD tracks plus new music from Paul Oakenfold, Dim Mak Records and Steve Aoki.

10. It is rumored that young Trip-Hop singer called Lyric is doing a landmark cover version TRACKS OF MY TEARS inspired by Trip City. The song was originally written and performed by Lyric’s grandfather Smokey Robinson.

11. The Author of Trip City compares his story to an impressionistic DANTE’S INFERNO where a young nightclub promoter is caught in a web of crime, designer drugs and ultimately murder.

12. When Author Trevor Miller was in New York promoting Trip City, at The Limelight nightclub in 1990, he was unaware that his host for that evening, Michael Alig, would soon be convicted of a grizzly murder.

13. Trip City was the first (and last) novel to use the birth of British Acid House as a backdrop to its story.

14. Over the years, various star actors have auditioned or agreed to play leading roles in the un-produced movie adaptation of Trip City – including THEO JAMES (Divergent), JACK HUSTON (Boardwalk Empire), HOLIDAY GRAINGER (The Borgias) and EAMONN WALKER(Chicago Fire).

15. Trip City was first published 25 years ago, in November 1989.

More Details on TRIP CITY’s 25th Anniversary Re-issue : HERE



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