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ART EVENT: Mapping Art Practice in the UK @ Standpoint Gallery 11:30-5:20pm Monday 23rd June



45 Coronet Street, London N1 6HD


11.30am Standpoint Gallery open studios
12pm Screening of Glossolalia by Tom Varley and tour through Standpoint’s studios
1pm Lunch at Standpoint
 2pm – 5.20pm Symposium at Shoreditch Town Hall
How to work as an artist in the UK?
Who: we intend to engage artists, art professionals and students who are keen to explore career development and support structures.
What: this symposium responds to the geographical and economical constraints of contemporary art production, and directly addresses the current climate of art practice within different regions across England, Scotland and Wales.
Bringing together key thinkers and practitioners to discuss this pertinent subject, Mapping Art Practice will consider not just the money but the overall ecology of visual art practice – including the support structures artists make for themselves, and the institutions they interact with.
Questions our panels will address:
London versus the UK artworld: how do we differ, compete and interact?
ART-DIY: What do artist-led / artist-focused organisations and initiatives achieve?
NETWORK WORTH: How artists can benefit / be restricted by their work with institutions
Confirmed speakers include:
David Powell researcher and co-author of recently published PLACE Report and Rebalancing Our Cultural Capital
Ellen Mara De Wachter independent writer and curator, currently Curator, Public Collection Development at Contemporary Arts Society
Cheryl Jones director of Grand Union, Birmingham
Anthony Gross artist and founding director of Enclave, London; and previously TemporaryContemporary
Dr Megan Wakefield recently completed a PhD researching peer learning amongst artists outside of formal educational systems, Associate Lecturer at the University of the West of England, Bristol
Laura Reeves artist based in Swansea
Kwong Lee director of Castlefield Gallery, Manchester
Mary Vettise artist and co-founder of Artists’ Union England
Pippa Koszerek artist, co-founder of The Independent Art School and member of A-N AIR Council
Anthony Schrag artist based in Edinburgh, working internationally in socially engaged practice
Teresa Gleadowe curator and writer, director of The Cornwall Workshop
Dr David Cross artist based in London, senior lecturer at Chelsea College of Art
David Hoyland director of Seventeen Gallery, London
Russell Martin artist, programme manager of Artquest and co-founder of Rational Rec
Paul Moss artist and co-director of Workplace Gallery, Gateshead and London
Mapping Art Practice in the UK has evolved out of Standpoint Futures, a residency programme that is specifically for artists working outside of London. Based at Standpoint, the purpose of the residency programme is to provide artists with access to the London art world, to help develop practice and career within the context of London, whilst supporting networks between the city and regional art world.
Tickets are on sale now from Eventbrite: MAP Tickets
 £20 full price, £10 students with ID 
(tickets include lunch and all booking fees)



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