ART OPENING: REPENTISTA: A showcase of Brazilian Artists Thursday 6th February 2015

7th February to 23rd February, 2014 Kings Court, 2 – 16 Goodge Street, W1, London

Tulio Pinto Linha DeTerra 4

Sofia Borges

SONY DSC Pedro Varela


Felippe Moraes

RodrigoBueno Rodrigo Bueno

Artists: Tulio Pinto, Rodrigo Sassi, Sofia Borges, Rodrigo Bueno, Felippe Moraes, Guilherme Dable, Ana Holck, Gabriel Netto, Pedro Varela, Chico Togni, Luiz Roque and Rodrigo Matheus

A known figure in Brazilian popular culture, Repentista is a poet, an artist of words and improvisation.
Using the challenge to the other as the starting point of his creations, he appropriates situations, words, gestures of people standing around to engage audience and stand out from the others. In this show, Repentista represents the mastery and technique necessary to perform any activity in order to seem sudden, when in fact there is a very elaborate work behind it.

Repentista is a collaborative effort that aims to develop a platform to showcase Brazilian contemporary artistic production. With a cast of as varied artists as Tulio Pinto, Rodrigo Sassi, Sofia Borges, Rodrigo Bueno, Felippe Moraes, Guilherme Dable, Ana Holck , Gabriel Netto, Pedro Varela, Chico Togni, Luis Roque and Rodrigo Matheus, the intention is to give visibility to these artists, many of them in first London appearance.

In the show these artists – just like the Repentista – incorporate tensions and possibilities of the environment where they are to propose conceptual, poetic or even formal exchanges in a way that appears to be simple, despite the complexity of the visible results of the works presented.

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