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Top 5 ‘Most Read’ Posts on FAD this Week

Strange week this week , maybe because we had no Tabish ! but in first place a post from 2010 about a fabricator of metal art this fabricator did make Jeff Koons’s Balloon art works though . Up in second another old post but from may this year and Paul McCarthy’s great shws in New York fro Hauser&Wirth. In third place and an actual post from this week a great review of the Sophie Jun exhibition at Ceri Hand Gallery. In forth the launch of Lady Gaga’s album ArtPop with Jeff Koons Sculptures and finally in fifth spot the launch of Cowpertwait_Fois.

1 A story from 2010 about Jeff Koons’s Fabricator Carlson Co shutting.
In at number 1 a story from 2010 ! About Art fabricator Carlson & Co. (which gained fame by producing Jeff Koons’s stainless-steel “Balloon Dog”) going out of business. LINK

2 Paul McCarthy ‘Sculptures’ + ‘Life Cast’ @HauserWirth New York Opening
A story from FAD NY (launching Feb 2014) all the way from May this year about Hauser & Wirths Paul McCarthy shows.

3 Review: Sophie Jung ‘Learning About Heraldry at Ceri Hand.
A post from this week ! A great review from Yvette Gresle LINK

4 Art Pics: Jeff Koons and Lady Gaga’s Art Pop Launch
Story from last week really launch of Lady Gaga’s album ARTPOP and the launch with art from Jeff Koons.

5 New Contemporary Art Consultancy Launch
Last story of the week and ,maybe the most exciting for London, Lydia Cowpertwait and Valentina Fois, Cowpertwait_Fois
an art consultancy and exhibition company. LINK



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