Interview and Studio visit with Peaches

Berlin Art Link Interview with Peaches, Part 2: Studio Visit from Berlin Art Link on Vimeo.

Video: A Berlin Art Link Production Interview by Monica Salazar | Filmed by Peter Cairns | Edited by Robin Thomson
Text by Liz Feder

A sauna and strap-ons? Electronic music-machines and ugly pink bathing suits? Hairy costumes and oversized acrylic necklaces? This is the studio visit that defies all others, where the artist herself emphatically dubs it the “anti-studio visit.” Taking a tour of her Berlin studio, located in the sauna of Stattbad Wedding, a turn of the century bathhouse converted in 2009 into a cultural exhibition space and artist studios, is much like experiencing one her shows: disorienting, delirium-inducing, and full of the unexpected.

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