Peaches Interview Part 1 by Monica Salazar for Berlin Art Link

Berlin Art Link Interview with Peaches, Part I: Peaches Does Herself from Berlin Art Link on Vimeo.

This Autumn Peaches unleashed her first feature film at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), “Peaches Does Herself”. If the title sounds familiar, you may have had the opportunity to catch one of her live rock opera extravaganzas by the same name at HAU 1 in Berlin in October 2010: the movie itself is a composition of video and audio meticulously taken from each of the Berlin performances. Berlin Art Link sat down with Peaches to get her personal thoughts on the film, a bit of her creative history, and to check out her Berlin studio.

Born in Toronto as Merrill Beth Nisker, Peaches has been a Berlin-based powerhouse for over ten years now. But having this film premier in her hometown is an exciting come-around: the semi-autobiographical nature of the production also allows for a broader audience to get closer to the Peaches personality. Coalescing the Peaches Does Herself performances, which were all developed and performed in Berlin, into a film to be unveiled in Toronto collides both her geographical as well as professional biographies. The productions and film hinge on the dynamic transformations of Peaches as an individual as well as a persona. For her, there’s nothing not worth trying, which is definitely evident in the exciting mutations of sets, costumes, and characters that “Peaches Does Herself” hosts.

Filmed by Peter Cairns Edited by Dan McGarry Interview by Monica Salazar
Music video & Film Footage provided by Robin Thomson & I U SHE Productions

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