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James Balmforth ‘Eternal Excess’ @18HewettStreet Art Opening Thursday 22nd August 2013

Scenic Dissolution, 2012 (Print Series)
23rd August – 6th September 2013 18 Hewett Street, London, EC2A 3NN 18hewettstreet.co.uk

ArtOpening Guest list Only
This is a solo exhibition by London based artist James Balmforth .
Represented by the Hannah Barry Gallery, one of South London’s most prestigious art bodies, Balmforth has long been exploring the dynamic instabilities and vulnerabilities of the materials he uses. Working across a wide range of mediums such as video, sculpture and print, his work is tied together by the exploration of ‘thresholds’ – the point at which materials change, mutate or degrade. Despite focusing on the concept of ruin, he manages to capture and

Included in the show is the video installation The Consumptive Sublime, which depicts a series of flowers that falter under an intense ray of light. This work highlights the potentially destructive influence of the fundamental source of energy that the organism depends on to survive, when it is amplified beyond the capacity that its structure can withstand. Alongside this, there will be a number of sculptures that echo these ideas of boundaries, complexities and the failures of materials.




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