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BODY SUIT George Rouy

The contents of these new BODY SUIT paintings by George Rouy are at once the contents of the unconscious mind, the world of fantasy and imagination, and lived experience; at once contradiction, resolution, belief. The group of ten works that make up the exhibition give equal prominence to physical and psychological experiences of the figure, traversing a propulsive line between internal and external
positions: internal gaze reflected through external object and vice versa.

BODY SUIT is something we wear, and also something we are; it speaks to how we feel in and outside our bodies, how we carry ourselves and how that mass of feeling and feeling of mass constantly shifts and moves: a series of truths that are fluid and flexible, and at times dissonant, misleading, or even humorous. Like the two groups of work made before this one (Shit Mirror and Belly Ache), BODY SUIT combines the physical and the psychological to confront the figure with intent and cause; a
continued committed line of inquiry.

George Rouy’s paintings dissolve and dismantle unpredictable barriers between internal and external to bring forth a singular experience of the figure: in and out of space and place; in and out of time past, phantom and present; and – most dangerous and difficult of all – in and out of body and mind itself. In BODY SUIT he sets all these thoughts and ideas out and offers them to us without compromise.

BODY SUIT George Rouy, Hannah Barry Gallery, June 2nd-  9th September.

New Publication, Selected Works 2017-2023 Text by Charlie Mills Pre-Order from Tarmac Press

Wednesday 19th July BODY SUIT, Live with Sharon Eyal, Music by Soft Toys Tickets



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