Berlin Art Prize Winner for Best Composition Cem Kozcuer Answers FADs Questions

CemKozcuer_Film Still_choose,look,obey
Cem Kozcuer choose, look, obey, 2012 Video Still 53:03 minutes Still courtesy of the artist

1.If you weren’t an artist, what else would you be?
It’s hard to say. Since I know there is something like art, it is my favourite interest.

2. Can you tell us more about your work and what are the main ideas you would like to express?
I am very interested in finding connections between things from everyday life and the act of exhibiting.

3. How do you start the process of making work?
Mostly it starts with an interest for a single object, an idea or a space. Then I begin to take images of the subject. At this point a process has already started, which grows in time until it reaches a whole complex.

4. Do you consider the viewer, when making your work?
Yes, this is part of my work.

5. Name 3 artists that have inspired your work.
Inspiration changes with time. Sometimes it´s possible to explore things you already knew, again.

6. What defines something as a work of art?
Depends on your school of thinking.

7. Anytime, any place – which artist’s body would you most like to inhabit?
I am more interested in the body of the viewer.

8. What was the most intelligent thing that someone said or wrote about your work?
I am pretty happy with the statement of the jury at the Berlin Art Prize.

9. Which artists would you most like to rip off, sorry, I mean appropriate as a critique of originality and authorship?
I am not interested in criticising single artists. I somehow believe that good work will persist.

10. Do you care what your art costs? State your reasons!
Yes, I do. For me costs and meaning of production is part of the context of a piece.

11. What’s next for you?
Since February I have been working on a new complex about values of material, images, work and artistic practice. The first part is just ready and I am thinking about the

The Berlin Art Prize closes tomorrow Saturday 29th June with a special BBQ closing party.

About The Prize
The Berlin Art Prize is a newly established independent award annually honoring contemporary art from Berlin.
On June 22nd, 2013 the Berlin Art Prize was awarded for the first time. Founded by contributors to Berlin’s arts and culture scene, the objective of the prize is to support the creative endeavors of Berlin-based artists. Four winners, selected by an independent jury of art professionals, where awarded with an exhibition, representation in a catalog, prize money and a two-week resi- dency in a villa in San Martino, Italy. An additional 20 shortlisted artists will be presented in the exhibition and catalog.

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