Electric Moon Candy Artist #1 Super Future Kid

Jester Jacques Gallery, alongside FADpresents, proudly present ‘Electric Moon Candy’ curated by Karen Shidlo and showing the artwork of Rob Bellman, Chris Daniels, Super Future Kid, Steven Quinn and Nicholas Goodden at The Other Art Fair 2013.

On show is a diverse and exciting selection of paintings, collages, photographs and drawings. There is overlap in the cut and paste style evident in SFK’s paintings and Quinn’s collages, as well as in the abstract colour fields in the photographs of Goodden and paintings of Daniels. Rob Bellman ties everything together with his drawings of structures and installations, made tangible in a table he has built specifically for the booth at the Fair.

In keeping with FAD and Jester Jaque’s mission to support and represent the best of emerging art in London, each of the artists on display hail from different backgrounds, all equally prestigious and full of promise.

FAD will be running interviews with each of the artists leading up to the show at The Other Art Fair in April 2013. The first person is Super Future Kid.

Is this your first time exhibiting at ‘The Other Art Fair’?
Yes it is the first time for me. I am very happy that the Jester Jacques Gallery invited me to show my work with them.

Sum up the concepts of the work you are showing at ‘The Other Art Fair’ – have you made anything especially for the fair?
My work serves as a visual playground for grown up children. And yes, all the paintings I show are actually brand new and haven’t been displayed anywhere else before.

Which artists are you interested in lately as sources of inspiration for your work?
There are a few artists whose work I really like. This includes the work of Alex Gross, Elias Santis, Erik Sandberg, Henning Kles as well as Kati Heck and Neo Rauch.

What are the other influences on your work?
Inspirational sources are usually images from pop culture, kitsch, traditional oil painting, folk or simply random findings

Which do you feel are the best places for artists to sell and promote their work nowadays, Online, Art fairs or markets ?

I haven’t had any experience with markets but I think fairs and online shops and platforms can be a great tool to reach a wide audience.

What excites you most about your medium?
I enjoy playing with imagery and Painting serves me as a very sensual tool in this play.

Do you have a quotation or motto that you keep coming back to?
“We may therefore conclude that imagination is not an empirical power added to consciousness but it is the whole of consciousness as it realizes freedom.” – Jean Paul Sartre

How much does experimentation come into your process of art making?
I learn something new every day just by painting. There is no planned experimentation involved, it’s merely discovery through accidents.

What else is coming up for you this year?
I would like to know that myself!

From, the artwork you are exhibiting at ‘The Other Art Fair’, which is your favourite?
I don’t have a favourite yet. Look out for pink haze, soap bubbles and a dog riding a tricycle.

Electric Moon Candy at The Other Art Fair Spring 2013 More Details Here : bit.ly/16tD7HC

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