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ART Talk: Wayne Chisnall @NancyVictor Thursday 28th February 6- 9pm


Meet Artist Wayne Chisnall and hear him talk about his new show ‘Found Memories’ and his art practice.

Dream worlds built of discarded objects; looking like misremembered fairy tales. Misinterpretations and divergent paths refine the stories; we create our own narratives, sometimes our own monsters. A memory lost by one and found by another – reinterpreted and re-purposed.

Wayne Chisnall works with materials that are steeped in memory and infused with familiarity. Inspired by his precise yet free-flowing sketches, Chisnall’s darkly humorous sculptures frequently evolve out of a process-led dialogue between the subconscious and his chosen materials. Allowing the work to rebel and dictate, taking on its own presence. Whilst this process allows for unexpected jumps in the direction of the work, a strong ‘organic meets geometric’ aesthetic remains.




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