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East of Mayfair is a new virtual art and design gallery


East of Mayfair is a new virtual art and design gallery selling art from painting to photography online through its unique platform. www.eastofmayfair.com.

Founded by Janina Joffe, the site has been conceived as an artwork itself and created in collaboration with renowned illustrators Pierre Le-Tan and Thibaud Herem. It takes the form of a virtual house (a Spitalfields townhouse) with six rooms and is regularly curated with new artworks by gallery director Janina Joffe. All pieces can be viewed in the context of the East of Mayfair home and purchased either directly “off the wall” or using a more traditional shopping interface.The site aims to offer an immersive, critical yet welcoming experience of art.

Janina started the gallery after working for the Guggenheim Venice, Christie’s, Haunch of Venison and the Design Museum. She holds a BA in Philosophy and Modern Languages from the University of Oxford. She’s also an accomplished translator and has worked as an editor for award-winning design company Kram/Weissharr and has edited two newspapers in association with Audi.

East of Mayfair sells art from £500 to £10,000 and includes work from some exciting young artists as well as original art by renowned fashion illustrators Gruau and Antonio.





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