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Global premiere of genre-defying, pan-cultural production The Waldorf Project 10th – 14th October 2012

The Waldorf Project Chapter One/ Muskmelon Netil House, 1 Westgate Street, London. E8 3RP
10th – 14th October 2012, 7pm Tickets £210

Global premiere of genre-defying, pan-cultural production – fusing theatrical performance, visual arts, contemporary choreography & staging with haute cuisine & finest rare wine.

Six of the most exciting practitioners in the worlds of visual art, choreography, theatre, design, electronic music and gastronomy come together in The Waldorf Project, 10-14 October 2012 at Netil House, which will be the most exclusive and talked-about event of the season.

Conceived and directed by British artist Sean Rogg, this unequivocably unique art performance unites the visual, aural, creative and performative arts with some of the world’s rarest wines and finest food. Pushing each element to its limits, the Waldorf Project creates an immersive experience marrying all five senses through food, drink, dance, sound and space.

Each of the collaborators has been chosen by Sean Rogg specifically for their imaginative approach to the theme – the rare Japanese muskmelon – as well as their readiness to break boundaries through the most fundamental fusion of their diverse disciplines. From gastro-scientists and food designers to choreographers and sound artists, The Waldorf Project unifies distinct arts to create a unique and fully immersive experience for their guests.

Set Design: Gina Geoghegan
Art Director across fields of theatre, film and brand experiences, Gina Geoghegan will transform Netil House into a 5000 square foot hydroponic fantasy land. The immersive environment will be one where the plant culture not only serves as a bewitching backdrop for the performance, but is also incorporated into the menu itself.

Food Design: Andrew Stellitano and Blanch & Shock
Food design studio Blanch & Shock and gastronomy artist Andrew Stellitano have collaboratively developed the menu as a narrative in 6 courses, moving from the rustic and unprocessed to expertly stylised dishes. Each course has been put together using premium quality produce and will be presented to guests by choreographed dancers.

Choreography: Imogen Knight
Choreographer and Movement Director Imogen Knight has choreographed eight dancers who will serve guests throughout the evening. The way in which the performers interact with the plates and the space is built into the design of the environment, which itself has been inspired by the food. For The Waldorf Project Imogen has created a performance bridging the gap between naturalism and surrealism, combining darkness and humour and highlighting base human emotions with dramatic effect.

Sound Design: Walls
Winners of the coveted Mojo Electronica Album of the Year award, sound artists Alessio Natalizia and Sam Willis, known together at “Walls”, are two of the most innovative minds working in electronic music today. For the Waldorf Project the duo will create a distinct sonic backdrop for each phase of the evening, completing the multi-sensory experience.

Wine: Sanford and Benedict
The Waldorf Project will serve fine wines provided by prior owner of legendary California winery Sanford and Benedict. These include arguably the very best two vintages of the last twenty years for the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, 1994 and 1997. Four of the wines are special collaborations with Au Bon Climat, which were never released onto the market. The wines have been tasted throughout the creation of the menu, intrinsically connecting them to the food and ensuring a perfectly synchronized pairing.

“The aim of the Waldorf Project is to create a completely new dining experience through the most fully immersive multi-sensory performance possible.” explains Sean Rogg.“This inaugural event, which we have called “Chapter One/ Muskmelon”, is fundamentally themed around the metaphor of the Japanese muskmelon, which is an incredibly rare and sought-after fruit representing a faultless synergy between man and nature.This is the first of a number of productions we are developing and we will be making announcements about future events in 2013.”



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