PREVIEW: High Class Trash a show of Refuse by The Dotmasters at Graffik Gallery










We all do it, leave it out on the street, either once a week or at random times when consumption out strips our storage. For many it’s their only inter- action with their urban environment. We all contribute to this shifting sea of street sculpture with the rhythms of the weekly bin round. Its an ordered chaos, of suddenly unowned and worthless things, we know it’s ours but somehow that’s lessened by the fact we are all equally guilty, there is no one to point at. Villainless the guilt gets lost in the landfill of our collective consciousness…

…But in the end Its all about ownership, its your trash, its my trash and of course the brands that generate it. Presented are still life studies of rubbish, from the humble bin bag to the designer chic
of large name brands, extravagant high class carriers rubbing shoulders with the pervasive plastic of the high street, of course this is Dotmasters trash so bags are full with empty spray cans & bottles the tools of the trade.

Private view Thursday 13th September 2012 at

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