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Candice Tripp: Petit Mal at Black Rat Projects Art Opening Thursday 26th 2012



July 27th to August 18th at Black Rat Gallery

Black Rat Projects next show is a solo exhibition and installation by the hugely talented Candice Tripp. Exploring themes of normality, insanity, order, disorder and the dark innocence of childhood ‘Petit Mal’ envisions Tripp’s perception of infant ‘petit mal’ syndrome as “a brief interruption of consciousness”.

Tripp’s fascination with horror infuses all her works and yet in their fairytale-like portrayal these works play upon suggested ideas of inherent or hidden dangers within the landscape. Utilising the dichotomy between her childish subjects and the distinctly adult themes which they portray, Tripp provocatively questions the role which both ‘adult’ and ‘child’ play within those darker areas of the social psyche; she explains:

While I was painting, I kept thinking about a small town full of young, isolated inhabitants and how every place, to a degree, has “a way” of doing things, a way which is rarely interrupted until an outsider witnesses and draws attention to it I found myself thinking a lot about an interruption of consciousness – in the sense of it occurring in a group. I tend to paint a fraction of a story- often either prelude or aftermath – and so I ended up focusing on fictitious (often awkward social) scenarios occurring in a town that is unaware of its single-minded lapse in judgement; Cult-like. The idea being that children who don’t outgrow it, will fall victim to it.

At once enchanting and disorientating, fantastical and freakish, Petit Mal takes the viewer into a child’s world full of adult intent.





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