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Courtship of the Peoples Group Show at Simon Oldfield Private view Thursday 21st June 2012

Sam Knowles, 2012

Celine Condorelli, 2012

Kay Harwood, Man Adorned with Seabirds, 2012

Mark Tichner, I CAN’T HAVE FUN IF THEY DON’T, 2012

Caroline Achaintre, Phillip Allen, Trevor Appleson, Ben Ashton, Sam Basu, Jonny Briggs, Laura Buckley, Juno Calypso, Arabella Campbell, Gordon Cheung, Celine Condorelli, Dan Coopey, Matthew Cowan, Tim Ellis, Blue Firth, Discoteca Flaming Star, Dryden Goodwin, Anthony Green, Kay Harwood, Roger Hiorns, Princess Julia, Sara Knowland, Sam Knowles, Ryan Leigh, Humphrey Ocean, Francesca Oldfield, Ben Ravenscroft, Abigail Reynolds, Dallas Seitz, Neal Tait, David Thorpe, Mark Titchner, Francis Upritchard, Donald Urquhart, Martin Westwood, Alison Wilding and Jesse Wine

Simon Oldfield is to present Courtship of the Peoples; a large group exhibition of works on paper that explore the pursuit of affection and the idea of personal correspondence. The exhibition begins by inviting a group of artists who in turn propose one other artist with whom they would like to invite to exhibit alongside, creating a visual dialogue.

It is the second in a series of large group exhibitions at Simon Oldfield which began in 2011 with Friendship of the Peoples.




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