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The Fountain – New works by emerging artists at Frameless Gallery Private view Wednesday 11th APRIL 2012

Maggie Williams

The Fountain is guided by the principle that everything an anything has the capacity to be art.

Art is almost impossible to define, categories such as illustration, sculpture, music, poetry and literature are useful tools, but they create barriers between the arts and their relation to one another. Tearing down these divisions and showcasing emerging practitioners is just the beginning. Curators Kinani-Chidovori are throwing down the gauntlet and challenging artists in all fields to push the boundaries of the arts and challenge our visitors’ perceptions of what art can be.

This pilot exhibition is a showcase for emerging artists working in a broad range of medium and practices that celebrate the virtues and traditions of the arts yet are fused with a contemporary spirit and a yearning to explore the new.

Works include, photograms of rotting fruit and insects by Iryna Ilnytska, intricate Illustration by Claire Hind, dynamic screen prints by Gosia Drohomirecka, installation/film by Audrey Rangel, challenging portraits exploring the female condition by Lisa Perret, playful sculpture by Maggie Williams, and new works by Joshua Raffel and Andrew Harrison. The opening night features gruesome and theatrical samples of work by effects make-up artists Becci Mapes, music by the Italian Luigi Buccarello and poetry by Pugwash.

Andrew Harrison,Audrey Rangel,Claire E. Hind,Gosia Drohomirecka,Iryna Ilnytska,Joshua Raffel,
Lisa Perret,Maggie Williams,The Kinani’s,William O’Donnell, Frances Bildner.
Frameless Gallery, 20 Clarkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DP



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