Two All Visual Arts shows during Frieze Week | Jonathan Wateridge Mittelland and Charles Matton’s Enclosures

All Visual Arts have two satellite shows ongoing during Frieze week, one at their home in King’s Cross and another on Warren Street.

Their King’s Cross show, Mittelland is an outing from the acclaimed Jonathan Wateridge and will feature a series of his oversized, hyper-real canvasses. The six canvasses explore ideas of displacement within familiar environments. In spaces which are often peripheral or transitional, such as corridors, gates, stairs and a balcony, the figures inhabit a space where nothing is fixed, like they are merely passing through.

Wateridge builds full scale movie-like sets for each painting in his studio before employing actors to pose as characters. The underlying fact that the environments are all elaborate fictional constructions is used to disturb the relationship that the viewer forms with the figures depicted.

Charles Matton’s Enclosures has been moved to Warren Street for Frieze Week. This collection was amassed from 1985 until the artist’s death in 2008 and features a collection of Matton’s miniature theatrical spaces. Each box has been painstakingly crafted by hand and are taken from life, memory and imagination, and recreate sensations like the loneliness felt in an abandoned hotel corridor or the intimacy of a forgotten and disused library.

Charles Matton Enclosures will be at 22 Warren Street throughout Frieze
Jonathan Wateridge Mittelland at 2 Omega Place until 12th November

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