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Haunch of Venison heads back to its Yard.

Haunch of Venison will return to its original space in Haunch of Venison Yard in September. Since 2009, the gallery has been based in the former Museum of Mankind at Burlington Gardens while the original gallery spaces were being extensively renovated. The new renovations have expanded the gallery’s exhibition spaces to some 11,500 square feet. Matt Carey-Williams, International Director of Haunch of Venison, London said “We are thrilled to be moving back to our original gallery at Haunch of Venison Yard. The newly-renovated space will allow us to continue mounting ambitious and exciting exhibitions for all of our artists”.

Annabelle Selldorf, the architect leading the renovations, says “Haunch of Venison in London is a remarkable and beautiful space with a great deal of history. I am extremely pleased to be working on it after having seen it for the first time many years ago. As we are designing a new space in New York for the gallery at the same time, our task was to link both spaces with a specific character which welcomes the public and serves the gallery’s artists and exhibition programme. The pure quest for good proportions and light in the service of viewing art remains a great passion for us.”

The first exhibition in the new space, opening on 6 September, will be of new work by Adrian Ghenie. This will be followed by the first solo show in London by Iraqi-born artist Ahmed Alsoudani, opening during Frieze week in October.

Adrian Ghenie was born in Romania in 1977 and is widely regarded as one of the most exciting artists of his generation. Using found imagery and carefully constructed tableaux, his seductive yet challenging figurative paintings explore complex ideas about history, memory, political extremism and art history and are influenced by his experiences growing up in the last years of Ceausescu’s dictatorship. For the past year he has been resident in London and his new work is a response to the city and its history. As such it will form a very appropriate opening exhibition for a building which is itself an historic eighteenth-century townhouse reconfigured as a twenty-first century art gallery.

Haunch of Venison London opens on 6th September 2011

Haunch of Venison announces new locations in London and New York now over 17,500 square feet of space: FAD



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