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HAYDEN KAYS guest editor JUNE

My name is Hayden Kays, born in London on the 276th day of the year.
Hayden has lived the entirety of his existence in London.
Hayden has 2 middle names Caleb and James.
Hayden has a perforated right eardrum.
Hayden bites his nails.
Hayden weighs 63Kilograms.
Hayden likes to touch things he knows he shouldn’t.
Hayden has a severe issue with authority.
Hayden likes nothing more then to mock.
Hayden likes nothing less then people who refer to themselves in third person.

Hayden Kays shall be editing FAD for the entire month of June. He shall be shinning a light on the things, places and people he loves. He hopes you enjoy the illumination of his generation.




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