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After Show Interview With Alix Janta and Lauren Jones Art Barter

Art Barter is an alternative way to acquire art work that does not revolve around the typical art market. At an Art Barter show artists from varying levels in their careers are chosen from the city that the show is based in. Each artist will put one piece of work in the show which will then be given a number so that no price, name or title is attached to the work. The public are then invited to make offers on the artworks by filling out small barter forms. You can offer anything at all except for money. Once you have filled out your form you can pin it to a board at the exhibition so others can see what has been offered on each artwork. If you prefer privacy then you can place it into a secure box. After the event’s end, the artist’s will choose one of the offers made on their work and the exchange will be made. You will also be able to find out which work belonged to which artist by visiting the website after the exhibition ends.



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