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Laura Hoptman Answers FADs Questions

Image:George Condo, The Alcoholic, 2002. Gilded bronze, 14 ¼ x 10 5/8 x 8 in (36 x 27 x 20.3 cm). Private collection. © George Condo 2010
FAD caught up with Laura Hoptman joint curator of Mental States the new George Condo show at New Museum.

Can we have a quick intro to yourself – how you got to be a curator etc ?
I have been a curator for many years. I was the Senior Curator at the New Museum until October, 2010. Now I am a curator in the Department of Painting and Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art.

How long has it taken to put this exhibition together ?
The Hayward Gallery in London and the New Museum have worked on this exhibition for approximately two years

How was it working with Ralph Rugoff ? how did you split tasks ?
Ralph Rugoff and the Hayward had been planning an exhibition of Condo’s work, and coincidentally, we had, as well. We decided to join forces. The Hayward has taken the lead on producing the catalog as well as the European tour of the exhibition. The New Museum show, since it is in New York, the artist’s home, will be slightly different from the European exhibition, with a few more paintings and several additional sculptures. The narrative of the exhibition, though, will stay the same on both sides of the Altantic.

When in the process did you decide on chapters and mental states ?
These chapters were the brainchilds of Ralph Rugoff and George Condo; they are at once broad and extreme, which is a pretty good way to summarize George’s oeuvre which is large, varied, and full of surprises.

George Condo has worked with the fashion industry -do you feel Its a good thing for artists to try and work within other creative disciplines ?
Of course. Creative collaborations happen all the time whether or not they are codified as partnerships. Important artistic statements influence other creative endeavors. That’s one of the reasons that they are important.

Do you have a favourite George Condo piece ? Nope. I love them equally

Was there any George Condo work you wanted to get for the show and couldn’t ?

Interestingly, and rarely for an exhibition like this that borrows work from around the globe, no lender- institutional or private- refused to lend to the New Museum show.

While working on this show did any particular work change your mental state ? The Cavewoman throwing the rock hit a chord somewhere

If you could have any George Condo work for your house which one would it be? Any one. It is hard to choose

Finally If you could go to any restaurant for lunch with George Condo which restaurant would you choose and what would you order ?
Great question! Paris, of course, Bofinger, most probably. Oysters, perhaps

George Condo Mental States at New Museum More info



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