Group Show: “FELICITIES” Three artists that make paintings and films at Red Gallery Private View Wednesday 28th July 2010

Image:Paul Sakoilsky (photos)

Jeremy Paxman: Why continue…?
Jacques Ranciere: Because I don’t want to go home, and I want to be loved… such felicities…

(Newsnight, August 2005).

Geraldine Swayne is an artist who initially worked as a pioneer operator in London’s burgeoning film effects industry, making the worlds’ first super-8 to IMAX film “East End” in 1999. Although better known as a painter she is also a member of the legendary ‘Krautrock” band FAUST, and is currently finishing the group’s first studio album in 25 years. She has exhibited widely, most recently at The Barbican, London, The Detroit Museum of Modern Art and The Wexler Centre, Ohio. Her latest project is a series of paintings based on the childhood of Lydia Lunch. She is a finalist in this years John Moores’ Painting Prize, at the Walker Art Centre, Liverpool.

Brendan Quick’s work is concerned with memory, nostalgia and what has been described as ‘the cybernetics of awkwardness’. Although primarily a painter, he also incorporates video, film, text and performance in his work. The idea of individual expression is extended in paintings and related work, which in combination with other elements becomes reinvested with meaning, becoming place markers for hope, whilst also creating a unique visual language and powerful body of work, wherein the ‘sublime’ is ever in danger of being subsumed into despair at a quotidian existence.

Paul Sakoilsky is perhaps best known for ‘the dark times’ newspaper project, a psycho-political endeavour, which has been exhibited, published and collected world-wide as well as for the ‘Kunst Clown’ performance series. He appeared in ‘HN Hermann Nitsch’, a feature length documentary, and recent shows include ‘The Dark Times: Press Office no.5’ – Tate Modern; ‘Paradisso Terrestre’ – BonelliLab, Italy; Jurgen Wolstádtter Galerie, Frankfurt, ‘Meltdown’ – Flowers East, London and ‘Object-Culture’ & ‘PRESS’, at RED Gallery, London. He is currently working on a series of paintings, performances and writings as well as curating ‘East End Promise: A Story of Cultural Migrants’, a landmark show to open in London in October 2010

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