Future Map 09: “Future Map is the best guide to discovering emerging artists and designers with great talent, destined to break out onto the London art scene.” From November 26th - FAD Magazine

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Future Map 09: “Future Map is the best guide to discovering emerging artists and designers with great talent, destined to break out onto the London art scene.” From November 26th


“Future Map is the best guide to discovering emerging artists and designers with great talent, destined to break out onto the London art
Fatima Maleki, Collector

After heated debate and much deliberation the illustrious Future Map 09 selection panel have chosen 25 of the most innovative and
talented young graduates from University of the Arts London to participate in Future Map 09.

Hosted by 20 Hoxton Square Projects, Future Map is London’s premiere annual exhibition of the best emerging talent from the current graduating year at London’s creative powerhouse, University of the Arts London.

Future Map has steadily built a reputation for being the only showcase of its kind to offer a comprehensive overview of the next generation of artists and designers who will define our visual landscape. Works range from fine art, sculpture, design, fashion and new media. This year a jam packed schedule of interactive and collaborative events accompanies the exhibition in an effort to not only show tomorrows hottest artists but to expand on why they’re one’s to watch and how to start collecting them.

Final Exhibitors
An expert panel of industry insiders such as Frieze founder Matthew Slotover, Caroline Daniel Assistant Editor of the Financial Times, internationally renowned collector Fatima Maleki and Alasdhair Willis of Established & Sons, have selected this year’s Future Map exhibitors:

Adam Dix (Painting), Celine Fitoussi (Installation), Cindie Gottlieb Cheung (Digital Media), Coei O (Jewellery), Craig Barnes (Drawing), Elia Strozyk(Textiles), Emma Yeo (Jewellery), Fred Mercer (Digital Media), Jaime Tarazona (Painting), Kristian de la Riva (Animation), Leila Kashanipour(Jewellery), Lillian Pau (Jewellery), Maurice Citron (Sculpture), Momoko Suzuki (Installation), Momoko Tamura (Jewellery), Nick Bailey (Sculpture),Raju Rahman (Design), Sam Knowles (Painting), Sam Pilling and Chris Lee (Digital Media), Sonny Sanjay Vadgama (Digital Media), Stuart Middleton (Sculpture), Una Burke (Fashion), William Luke Jarvis (Painting) and Zoe Paul (Sculpture).

The 176 / Zabludowicz Collection Future Map Prize
This year, the 176 / Zabludowicz Collection Future Map Prize has been founded to support a graduating student from the University of the Arts London. Selected from the exhibition by a panel of experts, including Anita Zabludowicz herself, artist Jeremy Deller, Nancy Durrant Arts Commissioning Editor at The Times and Emily Pethick Director of The Showroom, the prize is a £3,000 award and a chance to make an edition for 176 / Zabludowicz Collection.

In Adam Dix’s series of oil and ink paintings Satellite State, he explores the human fascination with and need for technology, by reexamining
futuristic past predictions of the 21st century. His paintings depict domestic scenes set in an imagined future, where satellites have become mystical objects. The focus upon telecommunications within his works highlights the disparity between and absurdity of the human desire to communicate and the physical isolation from others that technology engenders.

In video artist Sonny Sanjay Vadgama’s edition of his work Eye for an Eye, which mixes both 2D and 3D visuals, the audience witnesses a series of representations of the Beirut Hilton floating in a dark void. Like a domino effect, one building collapses only for another to follow suit, creating an endless cycle of destruction and regeneration. His works are often displayed via large scale projections to fully immerse the audience in his apocalyptical visions. Definitely one to watch, the three editions of Sonny’s striking work were all purchased by top UK collectors at his degree show.

Elisa Strozyk has pushed the boundaries of what we expect from textiles with her work, Wooden Carpet. Using small triangular pieces of wood that are then hinged together she has created a work that in its ingenuity and flexibility can be both laid flat like a traditional textile carpet and can also be fashioned in a dramatic way to create a self supporting sculpture. Through the half-wood, half textile carpet she plays with opposing notions such 2D and 3D; hard and soft; the strange and familiar.

In his series of Proposal works, Craig Barnes has appropriated old and discarded photographs and then layered his own marks upon them to suggest comical new meanings and new ways of thinking. He prefers to use redundant items and cheap materials to challenge the object fetishism so prevalent in western society. Barnes feels that his works are a response to the artifice and idiocy, glory and magnificence of modern living.

CUT, a series of animations by Kristian de la Riva uses simple, black line drawings to depict a lone male character attempting to cut and slice away various parts of his body. The animations were initially an autobiographical account of the artists own loss within a relationship. At once comic and brutal, the animations are at times difficult to watch but nevertheless leave a powerful impression.

Momoko Suzuki’s Untitled Drawing Project consists of the artist drawing directly onto the walls of the space that she is exhibiting in. The piece is a continual and improvised project that grows and transforms from location to location. The architecture of the space informs the work and also the experience of the viewer. Momoko will be performing her work throughout the duration of Future Map.

A strong body of events and collaborations will accompany Future Map this year details can be viewed here (FUTUREMAP09)

Future Map 09 Facts
Dates: 26 November – 23 December 2009
Opening Hours: Tuesday – Friday, 11am -6pm, Thursday until 9pm, Saturday 12am- 6pm.
Location: 20 Hoxton Square Projects, 20 Hoxton Square, N1 6NT. Nearest Tube: Old Street
Tel: (0)207 729 2687
Admission Free



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