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Three Apples – Hello Kitty Group Show at Royal T Los Angeles

Three Apples is a new exhibition produced by Sanrio to celebrate Hello Kitty’s 35th birthday. Three Apples (how much Hello Kitty weighs apparently) features a series of multi-media instillations from over 80 of today’s most in-demand contemporary artists, including Gary Baseman, Ron English, Natalia Fabia, Buff Monster, Amanda Visell, Luke Chueh and Tara McPherson, with each artist reinterpreted what is perhaps the most iconic pop reference of modern Japanese culture in their own unique ways. The exhibition is on at Royal/T in LA from October 23rd and throughout November. Royal T



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“SPACED OUT” is going to be a mesmerising double-solo show, featuring legendary street artists James Marshall (aka Dalek) and Buff Monster, united together in the same exhibition for the first time. Opening during Armory Week.

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