Two More New York Galleries Set to Close

The Charles Cowles Gallery is set to close before the end of the month, reports the New York Times. After thirty years of selling art, Cowles said in a recent interview, he was ready to retire. But the economic slide left little room for hesitation. “It’s shocking how bad business has been,” he said. During the big New York auctions last month, he said, “I didn’t see a single major collector in the gallery.”

In other news, Becky Smith, owner of Bellwether Gallery, in Chelsea, New York, has announced that her gallery will also be closing. In an announcement, Smith wrote, “As the current financial climate forces shifts in business and culture I feel strongly that it is time for Bellwether to embrace change and open itself up to what’s to come. For the foreseeable future I will continue to represent the gallery’s artists privately and I am working on several shows with them in a Bellwether-at-large capacity.” Via (Art Forum)

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