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A Brief History of MANON Part IV She Was Once Miss Rimini, 2003 at SWISS INSTITUTE NYC through to June 30th

She Was Once Miss Rimini, 2003
In her latest installation, She Was Once Miss Rimini, Manon again engages a parade of multiple personalities, this time with changed conditions: with aged bodies and all traces of life furrowed in their faces. The artist slips into the skin of invented characters; she projects images from everyday life and the media onto her body-as-canvas. All personas of a certain age, from the coquette, small town diva to the brazen garçonne, the youthful aerobic dancer to the disoriented psychiatric patient and the old-age home resident; every figure wholly embodying her life’s drama.

The projection is on view until June 30, 2009.

Image: Still from the video projection, She Was Once Miss Rimini, 2003




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