Luxury Goods A festival of guilt.Wednesday 28th January 2009 Private ViewThe Foundry

86 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3JL
A free week long program of multi-disciplined arts discussing art as a luxury good.
From outsider art to conceptual art, all creative practice has a value invested that often exceeds its perceived commercial value.
Died Poll,Scott Schwager,Carolinda Tolstoy,Scary Toesies,Sooz Belnavis ,Christian Smith,Anna Johnson
Patricio Bosich,Constanine d’Estoteville Skipwith,Mateo Pizzarello,Iwona Majdan,Christopher Allen,Michael Bucknell,Annouchka Bayley,Luke Brennan,Rob Green,Zoha Zokaei,Louise Fitzjohn,Deirdre Cunningham,Benjamin Myers,Tate sisters,Matt Elton,Andrew Gough,Karly Rayner,Addle stripe,Chris Taylor
Chris red artist,Wenceslas Dollar,Robert Kiff , Barckly Brennan,Delaney martin,John Norris,Beatrice Brown
Niki Sehmi,Renate Lutz ,Calum F. Kerr,Kaelin E Lee,Richard Bayley

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