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Calum F. Kerr presents VAULT THE FENCE! – Sunday 10th August 2008 2pm onwards

As an overspill of the Hackney Wicked Art Olympics and co-inciding with the Beijing Games in China. On Sunday August 10th, Calum F. Kerr leads a workshop, training people to Pole Vault over the Blue Boundary Fence that surrounds the Olympic 2012 site. This 11 mile long, ten foot high barrier keeps the Olympic nightmare hidden and slices through the arterial veins of Hackney Wick and Stratford.

Calum will start the training around 2pm at the Art Car Booty Sale along Wallis Road and later fully trained participants will head down to the fence and commence the vaulting.

For further Vault The Fence! info email: calumfkerr@artserve.net

For further references to the Fence and the Wick see this article:
Iain Sinclair – The Olympics Scam – LINK

Work out how high YOU can jump with the Physics of Pole Vaulting – LINK



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