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Rural Art (h)edge street art

A new movement in cutting (h)edge street art.

This morning a box of paintings was anonymously left on the door step of London’s famous AQUARIUM L-13 gallery.

It would appear that the paintings are all by the shy and secretive artist BANKSY, although it is obvious to us that they are clearly fakes and NOT by BANKSY at all.

They also came with a note from “L-13”, a new and mysterious organisation dedicated to art, leisure and the disruptive betterment of culture, that claims that these paintings are the first offerings of a new and influential movement known as RURAL ART. It goes on to explain that some of the practitioners of RURAL ART had achieved some notoriety through a lame excuse for art known as URBAN ART, but since all buying cottages in the country (known as da c*ntry to the cool people), they are now taking their ineffective, illustrative, radical chic posing to the quiet lanes and hedgerows of our green and pleasant land. The titles of the aforementioned paintings all contain rural references and are: F**K THE PIGS F**K THE FILTHY PIGS and DOWN WITH THE F**KING FILTHY PIGS Coming Soon Tesco’s Finest Luxury C*ntry Soup THE AQUARIUM L-13 will be selling these important works through their website but promise never to do it again. The first Rural Art Auction will take place at Bonham’s later this year, where really bad paintings are expected to fetch trillions of pounds. For further information go to LINK

PLEASE NOTE These paintings are not by Banksy, neither are any of the others. All rumours suggesting that they are should be ignored.



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