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The London Open 2015 Q&A with artist Lothar Götz

As the work interacts with the space it always interacts with the viewer as well. In occupying whole walls , sections of rooms or sometimes even the entire wall space of a room they interact with the viewer in a sort of physical way, the works are different depending from the position they are looked at and therefore depend on and change according to the viewers perception.

The London Open 2015 Q&A with artist Ben Woodeson

I’m interested in making works that make people hesitate, stuff that makes them wonder, WTF? What if I…? What if it…? It’s All Good Fun is stable, but it doesn’t seem it. The piece hangs, swinging gently from any passing disturbance, nine foot of balanced glass. We see it, but only just, the clear glass means it’s there, but also not there. It’s a bit slapstick, a quiet trap for the unwary.

The London Open 2015 Q&A with artist Jane Bustin.

I make abstract formal compositions reflecting on modernism and materiality. & I take influences from 14th century frescos, 15th century Dutch painting, iconography, modernist architecture and design, French modernist literature, dance, fabrics, books, hardware stores, Japanese ceramics, neon signs, cosmetics, sweet wrappers …

My main interest is to create a resonance within the work that goes beyond its material properties.

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