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Sotheby’s to open new headquarters in the heart of Paris’s art, fashion & luxury district.

Sotheby’s has today announced its forthcoming move to “83 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré” in the heart of Paris’s art, fashion and luxury district.

83 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Sotheby’s to open new headquarters in the heart of Paris.

The relocation of its Parisian headquarters, which will take place in mid-October, marks a milestone in the positioning of Sotheby’s in France, and highlights the auction house’s commitment to Paris.* Spread across 3,300 square meters on five floors, the new flagship Paris building is an ever more effective tool at the service of the artworks and the display of prestigious collections. Sotheby’s new Parisian home will be open and convivial, offering an enhanced experience to clients. A new must-see Parisian address, Sotheby’s will also be offering master classes, events, as well as elegant and welcoming relaxation and dining areas.   

The opening of this new location is aligned with the company’s global strategy. It coincides with the imminent opening of Sotheby’s Hong Kong in July 2024 and precedes the 2025 move of Sotheby’s New York to the Breuer building, once home to the Whitney Museum of American Art. By choosing a landmark location in the beating heart of every city, Sotheby’s reinforces its role as a global player in the worlds of art and luxury. Opening up to Paris and its vibrant cultural life, this new Sotheby’s site will become a cultural destination in its own right, offering a premium experience.

By moving from No. 76 to No. 83 on the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Sotheby’s gains nearly 30% more exhibition space. This enables it to offer a complete range of expertise across its 15 specialist departments, from ancient, modern and contemporary art to the arts of Asia, Africa and Oceania, and from design, old masters, silverware, books and manuscripts to luxury goods, jewelry, watches, handbags, wine, cars and more. 

The Collections department, which is dedicated to the auction of prestigious ensembles and iconic collections under the leadership of Mario Tavella, whose expertise lies in this area, has contributed to Sotheby’s considerable growth in Paris in recent years.  Private sales are one of Sotheby’s key strengths: they offer a tailor-made service to clients wishing to sell or acquire exceptional works of art outside of the confines of auction.

Mario Tavella, President, Sotheby’s France and Chairman, Sotheby’s Europe, explains:

Sotheby’s relocation to the historic 83 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the heart of Paris’s gallery and luxury sectors, and previously home to the renowned Galerie Bernheim-Jeune, underscores our commitment to France and highlights the growing importance of the French art and luxury markets to our company.

Open, transparent, and convivial, with a café and wine cellar, our clients will be able to enjoy the excitement of our auctions not only in the auction room but also from the upper floors. Passersby will have a unique glimpse into the auction room through the full-length transparent windows giving onto the street. The new space will also be particularly suited for showcasing single-owner collections. It will be a destination in its own right, offering exhibitions, auctions, and masterclasses all year round. We look forward to welcoming our clients to this magnificent space, where tradition and innovation converge to celebrate the world of art, culture, and luxury.

Atrium Verriere. Sotheby’s to open new headquarters in the heart of Paris

Located on the corner of Avenue Matignon, the buildings that once housed the Bernheim-Jeune gallery in 1925 have now been transformed into a 21st-century urban cultural site dedicated to art and luxury with Sotheby’s pioneering character and dynamism resonating with the avant-gardism of Bernheim-Jeune. The faithful restoration of existing buildings, the conservation of pre-existing Art Deco elements (wrought-iron and curved glass external doors, railings, brass handrails, mirrors, mosaics, wood cladding and parquet flooring), and the commissioning of new monumental chandeliers of rare elegance with subtle lighting effects, lend these spaces a patrimonial yet also innovative dimension. The architectural works have brought together a variety of artistic professions – from journeymen stonemasons to metalworkers, light designers and landscape architects – under the leadership of Architecturestudio, accustomed to this type of demanding renovation; and of Degaine, which took part in the restoration of the Hôtel de la Marine in Paris.

The architectural illumination of the building’s facades will enhance the presence and visibility of Sotheby’s in its environment in the heart of Paris.

Sotheby’s to open new headquarters in the heart of Paris

With its welcoming transparent windows on Avenue Matignon and the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, the new Sotheby’s headquarters is open to the outside world. On the ground floor, the auction room and exhibition galleries are connected to the public space via the street windows. They invite amateurs to enter the building and participate in the auction experience – a clear departure from the customary image of “behind closed doors sales.” Access to the exhibition of works for auction are free and open to all. These spaces benefit from natural lighting provided by the atrium’s faceted glass roof, which extends over three levels.

This auction room, which seats 200 (240 m2), designed in collaboration with Architecturestudio and the team gathered around Mario Tavella, is characterized by its 1925 “Parisian chic” ambiance – accentuated by the choice of materials sourced from local distribution channels, such as Burgundy stone, eucalyptus wood and solid brass. The atrium’s suspended galleries, which open directly onto the auction hall in the style of “loges” [opera boxes], allow direct views from the various floors, including the café, making it unique, exceptional and immersive.

The exhibition rooms, spread across the ground floor and on three levels, cover a total surface area of 1,275 square meters. All feature natural lighting, with artificial light added to evenly illuminate the works. The quality of these spaces and their equipment make them adaptable and transformable. On the upper floors is the Salon – a “luxury showroom” offering unique and exceptional objects for sale at fixed prices – another major Sotheby’s innovation in this luxury district. Warm, intimate spaces are also dedicated to private sales, which have been expanding rapidly for several years. Clients can spend time in the wine cellar, with its tasting area, and in the first-floor café, where they will also be able to taste the rare wines.

Accessible, welcoming and adaptable spaces will enable the organization of concerts, parties, conferences, cocktail parties, fashion shows and dinners. State-of-the-art scenographic and technical equipment will enable Sotheby’s to showcase a wide range of works and objects. In addition, the open-space offices of the Sotheby’s teams, who will be brought together, will optimize exchanges during auctions, exhibitions or scheduled events. The grouping of all staff under the same roof and in the same “house” will allow a smooth, speedy, and well-run operation, benefitting the clients. The sales and exhibition areas, private lounges and café are all accessible to people with reduced mobility.




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