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The Top 5 Exhibitions to see in London in late November

Tabish Khan the @LondonArtCritic picks his top 5 Art Exhibitions to see in London in late-November.  Each one comes with a concise review to help you decide whether it’s for youIf you’re looking for more shows, check out last week’s top 5 where one remains open to visit.

David Hockney: Bigger & Closer (not smaller and further away) @ Lightroom

Immersive experiences can be hit and miss, but working with a living legend in David Hockney elevates this one into an immersive dive into his paintings with him narrating over it. It’s also great to see him continuing to embrace new technologies to provide new ways of looking at his art. Until 3 December, ticketed.

Bobby Baker: An Edible Family in a Mobile Home @ Tate Britain

To run alongside the excellent Women in Revolt! exhibition at Tate Britain there’s a free walk-in installation on the front lawn of the gallery where there’s a family made out of cake within a mobile home. With the walls covered in 1970s newspapers it’s a fun recreation of Bobby Baker’s original installation from 1976 and you can even have tea and cake inside. Until 3 December. (it returns for a second helping, 8 March – 7 April 2024).

This exhibition brings together three female artists who all stretch the medium of photography in different directions with Liane Lang’s shattered glass painted on to her images and subtle hands appearing where we don’t expect them. Emily Allchurch combines architectural forms that would never be seen together naturally and Suzanne Moxhay’s layered images show a world over-run by nature. This show combines three impressive artists whose works I’ve always admired. Until 25 November.

Magi Puig @ Messum’s, St. James’s

The light in these paintings of streets and cityscapes is spectacular. If you’ve ever been to a country where the sun is blazingly hot then it will feel familiar. Puig also makes great use of negative space to convey that feeling of sun-blasted walls that can often feel blinding when experienced in person. Until 24 November.

ING Discerning Eye @ Mall Galleries

Hundreds of small scale works selected by curators, artists and collectors are brought together under one roof for a show filled with affordable and accessible art. Of course I’m biased as a trustee with my own purchase prize, but it’s always a great place to discover new artists and for everyone to experience and buy art. Until 26 November.

All images copyright respective galleries and artists. James Freeman image copyright Liane Lang. Bobby Bake image copyright Tate (Madeleine Buddo). Discerning Eye photo courtesy Parker Harris.



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