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Yinka Ilori Drops New basketball T-Shirt Designs.

British-Nigerian, multi-disciplinary artist, designer & entrepreneur, Yinka Ilori today announced the latest drop from his designer object brand, Yinka Ilori Objects (YIO). YIO’s drop entitled, ‘Ojukokoro,’ features limited-edition Basketball designs and corresponding T-Shirts

Yinka Ilori Drops NEW Basketball + T-Shirt Designs.
Photo: Kane Hulse

Ojukokoro expands on Yinka Ilori’s globally celebrated collaborations, installations, and exhibitions, and further evolves the YIO brand through high-quality, limited-edition, collectible Object drops, designed by the acclaimed artist. Guided by the themes of love, joy, memory, and dreaming, YIO celebrates the power and beauty of storytelling, with each Object influenced by Ilori’s identity and dual heritage. Through each bold, bright, and playful design, Ilori dreams of connecting individuals through shared experience, and hopes to evoke memories and inspire meaningful conversations.

The brightly coloured collection is visually representative and inspired by the concept, Ojukokoro, which is derived from the Yoruba language and reflects on the notion of greediness transforming into mindfulness. The term originates from “Oju,” meaning “eye,” and “Kokoro,” signifying “bug” or “insect.” It suggests the eye can become like a bug, representing a metaphorical hunger or insatiability that leads to greediness.

Yinka Ilori Drops NEW Basketball + T-Shirt Designs.
Photo: Kane Hulse

Ojukokoro exists to inspire feelings of mindfulness and gratitude, and to celebrate the beauty of presence. It invites collectors to appreciate what they possess in the present, and to cherish what they have, whether it’s relationships with family and friends, possessions, or the intangible aspects of life, like love and experiences.

Yinka Ilori Objects is not just a brand; it’s a manifestation of my passion to tell stories through art and design. It exists to take everyday objects and transform them into vessels of narrative and culture that connect us all.

 The Ojukokoro Basketball is a tangible representation of this idea. It transcends its sports origins, and becomes a true piece of art, paying homage to my childhood enjoying the outdoors, while celebrating individuality and community. I am so excited for my community and collectors to experience this latest drop from Yinka Ilori Objects, and to see what other collectible Objects we have coming soon!

Yinka Ilori – Artist, Designer and Founder of Yinka Ilori Objects.
Yinka Ilori Drops NEW Basketball + T-Shirt Designs.
Photo: Kane Hulse

Additional collections from the brand are expected to drop in early 2024, which will include limited-edition homeware objects, including patterned textiles and ceramics. These will be emblazoned with lively colours, vibrant patterns and ebullient quotes, characteristic of Ilori’s signature works.

The Ojukokoro collection is available from today – Monday 30th, October, exclusively via YIO shop.yinkailori.com

The first 200 Ojukokoro bundles sold will include a limited-edition Basketball signed by Yinka Ilori, alongside a Basketball Pump and Tote for £165. Each bundle will be numbered with their issue edition (i.e., 1 of 200), alongside proof of authentication. Ojukokoro T-Shirts will be available for £55.

About Yinka Ilori:

Yinka Ilori is a London-based, British-Nigerian multi-disciplinary artist, designer, and entrepreneur whose bold visual language draws on his British-Nigerian heritage to convey new narratives through contemporary design. Drawing on Nigerian parables and verbal traditions, Ilori touches on a multitude of themes that resonate with a global audience. His work is underpinned by the belief that art and design should be accessible to all. Humorous, provocative, and playful, his projects demonstrate how design can bring together communities and have a positive impact on society, evoking a sense of joy and optimism. Often using the city as his canvas, he reimagines spaces to encourage a sense of community and invites audiences to engage and participate in his work and its surroundings. A graduate of London Metropolitan University’s BA in Furniture and Product Design, Ilori’s work has been showcased globally through solo and group exhibitions, public commissions and set and exhibition design.



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