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The Top 5 Art Exhibitions to see in late October in London

Tabish Khan the @LondonArtCritic picks his top 5 art exhibitions to see in late October. 
Each one comes with a concise review to help you decide whether it’s for you
Those looking for more shows should see his last week’s top 5 where three remain open to visit.

Art Material-ism @ Catto Gallery
Using textured wallpaper to make captivating landscapes, denim to produce three dimensional domestic scenes and a working guitar, or masking tape to create city scenes. This exhibition brings together impressive and diverse artists who use non-traditional mediums to express their creative vision in inventive ways. Until 6 November.

Paula Rego: Crivelli’s Garden @ The National Gallery
The ongoing refurb of The National Gallery means this fantastic Paula Rego mural has been lifted out of the restaurant and given a one room display so we can marvel at her many references to mythological and biblical women. It was painted while she was in residence at the gallery and hang it opposite the altarpiece by Crivelli that she drew from. Until 29 October.

Osvaldo Carvalho: False Symmetry @ Sala Brasil
Men collect the rubbish on a beach from a party, while fireworks explode above them as they take no notice. Osvaldo Carvalho’s work focuses on those who are often ignored and shunned by society including a homeless person collecting rubbish for cash. Plus there are deeply political works that look at the use of pesticides to clear forests for grazing cattle, only for the beef to be exported. Until 29 October.

Lagos, Peckham, Repeat: Pilgrimage to the Lakes @ South London Gallery
Lagos comes to ‘Little Lagos’ as this exhibitions showcases works by artists from Nigeria and its diaspora – particularly fitting given Peckham has one of the largest Nigerian diasporic communities in the UK. The works cover a broad range of topic from beer brewed to the sounds of Lagos and works that tackle colonialism in the perfect show for this space. Until 29 October.

A new dawn, A new day @ The Bomb Factory, Marylebone
Nicola Turner’s giant structure with spindly legs ending in wheels looks like something out of Stranger Things, a pillar is surrounded by another made from takeaway boxes and Catriona Robertson’s bending pillars provide the sensation that they may tip over. It’s fantastic collection of sculptors that feels like an indoor sculpture park. Until 29 October.

All images copyright and courtesy respective artists and galleries. Catto image copyright Ian Berry. Paula Rego image copyright Ostrich Arts. South London Gallery image copyright Michael Adeyemi. Bomb factory image: Tabish Khan. Art Exhibitions to see in late October



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