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Gyoungtae Hong brings his multimedia exhibition ‘Delight’ to Frieze Week London.

Seoul-based artist Gyoungtae Hong and director Younsook Im present the first dedicated multimedia exhibition to explore the bustling city of Seoul. Set against the backdrop of the Victorian tunnels at Borough Yards, visitors will be able to weave through the multi-sensory display and immerse themselves in the heritage and culture of Seoul.

Inspired by one of today’s most iconic cities, ‘Delight’ offers a unique experience to immerse oneself in the vibrant city of Seoul, right here in London. I am excited to present an exhibition that seamlessly integrates Seoul’s ancient myths, legends, a millennium-spanning history, and its contemporary urban landscape against the backdrop of London’s Victorian railway heritage. Going beyond traditional dichotomies, this experience merges analogue and digital realms, playing with light and shadow, and bridges past, present and future to illuminate a path to a brighter tomorrow. Delight is a story about the coexistence of duality.

Artist Gyoungtae Hong

Drawing on Seoul’s vast cultural heritage such as the iconic gate Gwanghwamun, the shopping district of Myeongdong and Korean deities, each installation asks visitors to consider how different aspects of the past remain in contemporary Korean society today. A vibrant city with a population of just under 10 million, the exhibition brings the busy metropolis of Seoul to life. In this fresh interpretation of media
art, visitors will witness the history, life, and identity of the city. Taking inspiration from poetry and literature as well as exploring the impact of urbanisation, the immersive spaces show viewers where ancient meets modern.

Visitors will experience an extensive digital display of 12 large-scale installations. In one area, 631 glowing lights that change colour throughout the day will be displayed. The number of lights represents each year from the Joseon dynasty to modern-day Seoul, illuminating the passage of time. Further into the exhibition, visitors will be immersed in the present-day streets of Seoul, with neon lights, music, and sirens reflecting the city’s energetic rhythm.

Hong seeks to redefine the boundaries of traditional art and create immersive experiences that resonate with audiences. The exhibition expands on the current zeitgeist of Korean culture to investigate Seoul through media art, design, and technology. The digital technology behind the exhibition is built from over 8K images and sound systems to create a fully immersive space, across 1240 metres squared.

Gyoungtae Hong artfully blends auditory, visual, and luminous elements. Through an expansive exhibition featuring 12 distinctive artworks, he not only illuminates the spiritual, philosophical, societal, and cultural intricacies shaping Seoul’s identity, but also provides insights into the broader essence of Korea. He creates a dance between reality and illusion, where symbols shift in meaning, hoping to spark differing reactions in viewers. Rooted in London’s historic backdrop, this exhibition transcends
geographical boundaries, inviting diverse perspectives and effectively conveying the essence of Seoul and Korea to a global audience.

Curator Daehyung Lee



Gyoungtae Hong leverages advanced technology to craft immersive experiences deeply rooted in the sociocultural exploration of Seoul. He draws inspiration from ancient Korean myths, the humanistic values inherent in Korea’s historical architecture, and the dynamic interplay of light and sound from the ever-present sun and moon, as well as the symbolic significance of urban neon signs in Seoul. Extending beyond traditional visual storytelling, his works invite participants to step into distinct eras and environments, becoming voyagers through the passage of time. In his upcoming London exhibition, he harnesses Seoul’s moonlight, sunlight, legends, and primal sounds to forge a philosophical connection that transcends the constraints of both time and space, seamlessly linking Seoul and London.

Hong’s diverse artworks have been showcased in various countries, including Paris, New York, Washington and Dubai.

Daehyung Lee organised numerous projects including the Korean Eye at Saatchi Gallery in London, and Curatorial Exchange Forum in MoMA, NY, and has also served as the founding art director for Hyundai Motor Company from 2013 to 2019, and as the curator for the 2017 Venice Biennale. Under his leadership, he led the success of CONNECT, BTS a global public art project exhibited in five cities with 22 artists including Antony Gormley, Tomás Saraceno, Bill Fontana, Jakob Kudsk Steensen, and Ann Veronica Janssens. Lee has extensive experience with TATE, LACMA, Serpentine Gallery, Martin Gropius Bau, ZKM, and New Museum among others. Currently, he serves on the board of directors for Nam June Paik Cultural Foundation and Art Center Nabi. Additionally, he serves on the International Advisory Board of the ArtScience Museum in Singapore.



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