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Art Megastar presents group exhibition Fierce Form coinciding with Frieze LA.

Jack Dunnett, The Documentarian, 2020 oil on board 11h x 16w cm 4h x 6w in

Art Megastar presents the group exhibition Fierce Form bringing together works by some of the most exciting fast-rising European artists to tell a story of liberation, capturing the essence of the embodied spirit through vast landscapes and the abyss.

Oriele Steiner, Not a Cloud, 2022 acrylic and oil on paper 42h x 30w cm 16h x 11w in framed

The narrative aims to allow abstract elements to peak, blend, or consume the compositions. A low hanging moon and rain intentionally contribute to the story, while other weather conditions and energy are mysterious and mystical. Gazing, dancing, contorting, and entwining occur naturally through consciously relating.

Alina Zamanova The Start, 2019 oil on canvas 120h x 90w cm 47h x 35w in framed
Naomi Workman Shedding, 2023 oil on linen 30h x 28w cm 12h x 11w in framed

There are moments of vulnerability and strength, as the animal and human forms symbolize both the delicate and fierce aspects of nature and relationships. The curves of their bodies echo the contours of the land, and their flowing hair sweeps through the grasses of the savannah. Through these depictions of the forms, the artists in this exhibition explore themes of empowerment and self-discovery. They challenge us to embrace our natural instincts and to level in the beauty of our bodies. This is an immersive celebration where beings are brought together in a world where all is possible.

Preslav Kostov Echo, 2022 oil on panel 40h x 32w cm 15h x 12w in framed

Featuring: Jack Dunnett, Preslav Kostov, Iryna Maksymova, Amélie Peace, Andrew Salgado, Oriele Steiner, Hannah Tilson, Naomi Workman, Alina Zamanova.

Hannah Tilson, Feeling Blue, 2022 watercolor ink on watercolor paper 20h x 15w cm 7h x 5w in framed

Fierce Form, February 17th – March 13th, 2024, 725 E Washington Blvd, 2-B, Los Angeles, CA 90021 artmegastar.com

Art Opening February 17th 5 – 8pm & Special Frieze Gathering March 2nd 5-8 pm 



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