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How to Choose the Right OEM Products for Your Boat

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Finding replacements for your boat can be a daunting task. When you need to buy products for your boat, OEM products are your best bet. But where do you get these parts? How do you go about it?

Here, we explore what to consider before buying OEM products for your boat.

Why OEM Parts?

Boaters are often involved in the great debate pitting OEM against aftermarket parts. Those in favor of aftermarket parts base their argument on cost savings when buying. But are you saving or making a gamble?

The superior quality of OEM compared to aftermarket parts is not contested.

However, when aftermarket parts break, they might cost you more financially and emotionally.

Picture a spoiled family weekend because of broken aftermarket parts.

Broken parts could also cause more damage to your boat, notwithstanding the towing and repair costs. 

Considering all these factors, you are better off going with OEM parts.

Research Your Boat Manufacturer

Your boat manufacturer will likely retain a supplier because they provide quality products. Also, buying OEM parts from your manufacturer’s supplier means you have addressed the compatibility issue. You will need to buy products from a supplier consistent with their quality. 

Talk to a Professional

It helps to talk to someone who might be more knowledgeable than you. It could be a boat mechanic, dealer, or parts supplier.

Such professionals could give you the needed insights to help you make an informed decision. You will significantly benefit from their extensive expertise and experience. Consider the OEM products they recommend based on reliability and durability.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

Find out what other boaters and professionals say about specific manufacturers. You could use their feedback and the manufacturer’s reputation to decide whether to buy products from them. 

A reliable manufacturer will have an admirable track record of reliability and durable products.

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Customer Care

It also helps to determine the kind of customer service and after-sale services the manufacturer provides. You might have questions or issues after you have bought the product.

Your Budget

Your budget weighs heavily in choosing OEM products for your boat. Pick products you can afford.

However, cheaper products might always have the quality you are after.

Try to balance the initial cost of investment and the long-term value of your investment in OEM products. 

Information on Parts

You need to have a description of the product you seek. Get your part description so it becomes easier to explain to the OEM manufacturer.

Some boat parts come with a specific number. If the number is unavailable, consider the next best piece of information, such as a serial or model number. 

Other Considerations

Some parts are more critical than others, and you want to ensure consistency with their quality. Such parts should always be OEM with a track record of reliability. These include fuel pumps, starters, riser gaskets, and water pumps.

Consider the factors outlined here the next time you buy OEM products for your boat.



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