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Wally Sajimi talks Nietzsche Labs with FAD magazine.

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Wally Sajimi talks Nietzsche Labs with FAD magazine. We last spoke to Wally Sajimi @wallypdf in 2020 mainly about AWGE this time we are talking about his Nietzsche Labs

What’s coming up in 2023?

H1 of 2023 was focused on restructuring ideas, and projects, and focusing on what I’m interested in while learning more about different industries. 

How have you been restructuring ideas and projects in 2023? 

Not taking on projects or clients unless the relationship or potential outweighs the opportunity cost. It might sound selfish but transitioning to only take on things or help if I have equity or skin in the game. 

Is Nietzsche Labs still going strong?

Yeah, Nietzsche Labs has a wide umbrella now. You can say its a holding that builds projects and invests in brands, and companies in technology, fashion, furniture, music, art, web3, and more. We even started looking into managing artists that I’m friends with or a fan of. But still learning about that, it seems like a lot. 

What is your strategy for identifying brands or projects for Nietzche Labs?

It’s weird because there is no strategy its more so organic genuine relationships with people I call friends. If I like you as a person and a friend, I genuinely wanna help you or see where I can add value then we can make it a business venture. But I also have to like or be interested in the brand, I have to be a consumer a little bit. 

What are some projects you’re excited about?

I’m excited about HerChildren a NYC jewelry brand, Chateau 7 a wine and clothing estate, Thug Club, and “FAR / from what” both South Korean fashion brands. 

What’s exciting you at the moment?

Things that excite me right now are brands or creatives building in different countries like South Korea or Portugal. It’s interesting because you can learn and bring back things to the US that work in certain areas or bring what works in the US to those places. For example, I saw Gentle Monster in South Korea and was embarrassed I didn’t know about the brand but then you see how they curate their spaces as museums. 

Also, leveraging IP excites me at the moment. IP can be from films to web3 to art. I’ll elaborate more on IP in the 2024 or 2025 interview. 

What plans/hope have you got for the rest of 2023 and after?

2023 I’m focused on partnering, advising, and adding to the Nietzsche Labs portfolio and roster.  I think once I have a portfolio or roster at about 10-20 I can focus more on growing each entity. Right now it’s more so building the network or relationship and seeing where I can get in on the equity side if possible. Sometimes its not possible because companies don’t want to give up equity and that’s fair. 

Maybe after 2023, we can raise some investor money but I’m hesitant about fundraising capital for Nietzsche Labs because it’s complex and nuanced operationally. Also, fundraising generally takes 6 months and I rather use those months meeting creative companies and people. 

In what ways do you hope Nietzsche Labs will grow and evolve in the next 5 years?

I don’t know maybe we will be a construction company or a script-writing company for movies. I usually don’t have or make projections/outlooks because then I have to stick to them and it leads to not being open-minded. But that’s just me. 

How do people get in contact/find out more? 

Like I usually say if you want to get in contact with me people will usually figure it out. Check out nietzschelabs.com



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