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JR- INSIDE OUT, a public performance presented by Gallerie d’Italia in Turin 

Portrait of JR. Courtesy of Gallerie d’Italia – Intesa Sanpaolo.

At Gallerie d’Italia – Turin from 5th to 10th April, Intesa Sanpaolo presents the public art performance, INSIDE OUT. The project that launched artist JR on the international art scene is now commemorating its tenth anniversary. This public art performance forms part of the exhibition Déplacé·e·s” by JR, which is on view until 16th July 2023 at Gallerie d’Italia, Intesa Sanpaolo’s museum in Turin.

Michele Coppola, Intesa Sanpaolo’s Executive Director of Art, Culture and Historic Heritage and director of the Gallerie d’Italia, comments:

We are presenting in Turin, for the first time in an Italianmuseum, the work of one of the most original international artists who is also attentive to the greatsocial changes. The project, which combines street art, photography and video installations, confirmsthe aim of the Gallerie d’Italia in Turin to stimulate reflection on today’s complexities, in line withIntesa Sanpaolo’s commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth.

On 5th and 6th April 2023, a van that has been previously transformed by artist JR will be parked in San Carlo square. The van has been equipped with a photographic set that will make possible the shooting of around 400 residents in Turin. These photographs will then be printed in the form of a poster and glued onto the floor of the square where the Gallerie d’Italia – Turin is located, as well as in the underpass and in the courtyard of the Intesa Sanpaolo’s museum. 

JR explains:

In 2022, the number of individuals forced to flee their place of residence because ofpersecutions, wars, violence and human rights violations has exceeded the ominous threshold of 100million. This emergency is now compounded by food and energy shortages, inflation and climate-related crises. In many countries of Africa, the Middle East, South America, at the gates of Europe, populations are being forced to abandon their homes to ensure their survival elsewhere. The war in Ukraine has prompted the most abrupt and one of the largest forced exiles since World War II. Asymbol of this endless tragedy, the Greek island of Lesbos is the scene of the ebb and flow of migrantsarriving by sea as the conflicts develop. This geography of forced relocation constitutes ‘off-limitlocations’ that are given excess media attention and are invisible at the same time.

This project is part of the exhibition “Déplacé·e·s”, the first-ever exhibition of French artist JR in Italy, mixing photography, public art and social practice. This will be an addendum to the exhibition that unfolds through the 4000 square metres of the museum in San Carlo Square and that celebrates the artist’s personal approach to storytelling and to unveiling today’s social alienation and weakness.

The camps are not just places of daily life for millions of people, they have becomeone of the major components of globalisation, one of the forms of organisation in the world: a wayto treat those who are unwanted, what we don’t want to look in the eye. In the service of somethinggreater, my art creates tension between the visible and the invisible to resist the trivialisation ofperspectives. Ten years ago, the anthropologist Michel Agier deplored the lack of importance of thestatus of refugees and displaced persons-which forever seals their exclusion from society. He stated,‘HannahArendt called this exclusion of refugees a social death. I think it is urgent to make the fieldsknown, all types of fields.’ Such is the objective of this exhibition


Gallerie d’Italia – Turin presents INSIDE OUT, a public performance by artist JR 5th – 6th April 2023
Exhibition on view 5th – 10th April 2023, Piazza San Carlo 156, Turin  gallerieditalia.com

Curated by Arturo Galansino, the exhibition “Déplacé·e·s” by JR is realised by  Intesa Sanpaolo in collaboration with Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. To complement the exhibition, a rich programme of public events called #INSIDE will gather experts and professionals from the cultural field to reflect upon the exhibition’s themes. These events will take place every Wednesdays at 18:30. The events are free, but registration is recommended via email at: torino@gallerieditalia.com.



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